Final Scores

I finally know all of the results from universitites, totally of 14, I applied to. I surprisingly got the good news from Michigan State University  in early Febuary just 1 week after I sent them the application. Starting with good sign, I aimed at the Ivy League in the top ten like Yale, Upenn or Columbia. I have dreamed of being an Ivy League student for many years. However, they all disappointed me. They sent me only very similar and short emails, saying like that " We regret to inform you that we are unable to recommend you for admission. Each year we have the difficult task of selecting students from a large pool of well qualified applicants. Bla Bla Bla… We hope that you will be able to achieve your academic goal at other institutions". It seemingly sounded good, but frustrated me a lot. I waste so much money on the apllication fee, TOEFL and GRE score reports, etc for such idiot letters. "Will the Ivy League be out of my reach" I asked myself. Even though after that I got some quite good offers from great  institutions like University of Wisconsin-Madison, but outside the Ivy, so I was not satisfied. I lost my hope. Fortunenately, I had my dear who stood by me and especially belived in me. After that I still got rejected repeatedly. Until the late March my biggest dream came true. Cornell University offered me for admission. I felt so happy that I could not stop jumping around. Nevertheless it is not good enough in that it locate very far from my dear’s university . I suppose that the distance is not our problem.
Final Scores: 4 accepted and 10 rejected
Love me: Cornell University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ohio State University, Michigan State University
Love me not: Yale, Upenn, Columbia, UC Berkeley and other by far lower ranked universities
Engaged: Cornell University
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2 Responses to Final Scores

  1. Cutie says:

    Congratulations again na ka my dear! Distance won\’t be a problem as long as we\’ve tried our best to make it works. It\’s just like our dream to complete Ph.D. study ja.

  2. Cutie says:

    Oh my dear ja..which category should I be in ka :-O? Definitely the love me one..but should I have my particular special category ka:D?

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