Bad Luck

I take only two courses this semester. I have only one class a day, monday through Thursday, but only one and half hour in early morning. Regularly, after the class finishes, I scarcely talk to anyone; instead, I go back to my apartment immediately. I spend almost a whole day on under my blanket because of the coldness. Nevertheless, something bad still happened to me even though I lived secludedly. Last week, on a windy day, while taking a rest on my bed, I heard a bang outside; I suddenly looked out of the window; I saw a tree falling upon the roof of my apartment, bringing down the internet wire, so I could not connect to the internet. The internet was the only thing relating me with the world outside; Without it, I could not watch Thai TV, chat with my friends, and phone my parent. Inevitably, I had to call the internet service provider by myself regardless of my poor english accent. I tried to explain my situation to them; however, they seemed not to understand me. They asked me to make sure that I plugged the internet cable to the modem properly. They were idiot!!! I was not silly; My problem was not about the modem at all; It was the big tree outside!!! I tried very hard, but they destroyed a little confidence that I had. Repeatedly, I kept explaining them what happened to me word by word. " Errr.. a tree… has…. fallen…errrr" said I difficultly. With a bit of luck, they got something I said at last. They sent technicians to repair it. Lastly, I learned how important the internet is to my life. Without it, I may not survive. It is the only thing enjoyable to me. To tell you the truth, my life here is suck….

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One Response to Bad Luck

  1. MinT says:

    p\’Freshhhhh… come out to hang out si ka…!! Where is your apartment? Come out come out come out! U r so lucky taking only 2 courses. I am taking 3 academic plus 2 dance classes. And rarely have time to stay warm inside the cozy bed…. I m jealous.

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